Haarlem Nieuwjaars Comedy 2019 (Engels gesproken)


2019 start goed met de Nieuwjaars Comedy 2019 op 18 januari. We hebben een geweldig line-up: Sjoerd Scott, Sam Humes, Steven Morgan en Rogier Bak.

Na de show Kan je luisteren naar een optreden van zangeres Anita Sander waarna er zal worden geproost op het nieuwe jaar.

Info & tickets
Vrijdag 18 januari 2019 van 20:00 tot 21:00 uur
Bar Theater Raecks, Raaks 1, Haarlem

Tickets kosten €. 10,00 p.p. De overgebleven tickets worden aan de deur verkocht en kosten dan €. 15,00 p.p.


We’re starting 2019 right with the NEW YEAR’S COMEDY on January 18. We’ve got a great line up: Sjoerd Scott aka the “intellectual infant; dead eyed scumbag from Hertfordshire, England, Sam Humes; Steven Morgan, a ‘confident’ comedian who as an ‘intentional’ lack of self-awareness and storyteller without an ego, Rogier Bak. If you want to stay after the comedy singer Anita Sanders will perform and then it’s time for a New Year’s Toast!

Make sure you don’t miss it and buy your tickets online now. The ticket price is € 10 p.p. Remaining tickets (if available) can be bought at the door for € 15 p.p.


  • 7,30 PM: Doors open & Drinks
  • 8-9 PM: New Year’s Comedy Night. Entrance with tickets. Online tickets € 10 p.p.; € 15 p.p. at the door (if available).

For those who want more: stay at the expatsHaarlem New Year’s Drink in the same location with the live performance of great local singer Anita Sanders. Free entrance with online regsitration.

The comedians on stage

Steven Morgan
Comedian, improviser, storyteller, actor, writer, musician as featured on Australia’s ABC and the United Kingdom’s BBC, Steven Morgan is a jack of all trades, but also a master of all of them too.
Living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, via stints in London and Brisbane, Steven has toured and performed in famous comedy clubs and festivals around the world alongside acts such as Stephen Carlin, Damien Power, Greg Shapiro and Mel Buttle. Since moving to The Netherlands, he has become a regular on the English-language scene around mainland Europe.
His performances are noted for his confident stage presence and intentional lack of self-awareness. His style encapsulates the absurdness of Sam Simmons, the dryness of Stewart Lee and the energy of Chris Farley.

Sam Humes
Is a dead eyed scumbag from Hertfordshire England. Whilst physically imposing, he lacks any real mental or intellectual substance. He’s boring, probably the most boring, lacklustre, piece-of-shit comedian you’ve ever seen. In fact, that’s why you should go see him, that’s the only reason anybody should go see him – to find out for yourselves just how much of a depraved, nauseating little scumbag this fucking mouse-fart prick is. Bring stuff to throw. And also a rain jacket (getting cold this time of year), and perhaps a bottle of water

MC and comedian: Rogier Bak
While Rogier is Dutch, he’s worked tirelessly to make sure you could never tell. Having spent most of his formative years the US, he feels like a foreigner in his own country. Rogier’s comedy mostly draws on his personal life and experiences, which fits his storytelling-style of comedy. He claims to not have an ego, enabling himself to be the primary subject of many of his own jokes.

Sjoerd Scott
Sjoerd Scott, aka the “intellectual infant”, is a 19 year old Caribbean kid with daddy issues. Sjoerd shares his ridiculous ideas and stories to put a different perspective on certain aspects of life as he tries to figure it out himself.

Info & Tickets
Friday, January 18, 2019 from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (CET)
Bar Theatre Raecks, Raaks 1, Haarlem, Netherlands

Online tickets: € 10 p.p. Remaining tickets (if available) can be bought at the door for € 15 per ticket. Make sure you don’t miss it and buy your tickets online now.